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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 16, 2011 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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and hello and good morning to you all. millions of americans are in the grip right now of a massive heat wave. we will tell you which states are getting hit by this heat wave and there is a danger zone here, folks. we'll let you know how long this will last. also, a real power workout. people are producing energy by expending their own. we'll tell you how this works. also, really one of our favorite stories of the day here. caped crusaders taking to the streets in one northeastern town. yep, you're seeing superheroes. they're dressed up like them. talk to them this morning and they did not reveal their identities. we'll tell you what they are doing without superpowers. that's coming up. but first, it is a vital freeway in the heart of the nation's second largest city. but a huge section of the 405 in los angeles, shut down this
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weekend for a billion dollar construction project. this is an event that is so feared in this car-crazy town that the residents there have dubbed it carmageddon. our kareen wynter is above the 405 -- you know what, you tell me where you are out there, kareen. what's going on? >> reporter: t.j., obviously we're in the heart of it, the major artery here, the 405, where that shutdown is taking place. on any given day, especially on a busy saturday, this freeway would be just jam-packed with cars. and take a look at it. it's all quiet right now. this $1 billion freeway widening project is off to a smooth start, t.j. no major traffic backups to report as a result of the action you see going on behind me. and again, we're not talking about cars. crews have been hard at work since yesterday. they've shut down a portion of this 405. we're talking about a ten-mile stretch. what they're trying to do is knock down that bridge behind me. they want to allow for more expansion here on the freeway to open up more carpool lanes.
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and all week, the city, the media, we've been hammering home that message to motorists to just stay home if you can, stay off the roads, you won't be able to venture off to the 405, it's offlimits, and they'd have to use with alternate routes or use public transportation. it's still very, very early in the weekend. things may change. but this is the outlook right now. the latest out of the city's emergency operation centers. they say things look good, they're watching things closely, and right now we're hearing of no major roadblocks. but i can tell you, it's really kind of surreal, kind of fun covering it from our standpoint. the only thing you would ever see something like this happen is, for example, on the set of a movie, when studios shut down a street or portion of a freeway. so right now, no shoots, just a touchy deadline coming up on monday. they have to wrap this up in time for people to get back to work. t.j.? >> all right. and they could be fined a hefty amount if they don't have this thing done in time. kareen, thank you for the view
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from there. i want to turn now to our sandra endo, who has a different vantage point. and sandra, it sounds like, so far, so good. is that true? >> reporter: yeah, fingers crossed, t.j., because after months of preparation, after all the hype, after warning the public to stay home, don't get in their cars, well, take a look. we're here on ventura boulevard, one of the busiest and biggest boulevards here in san fernando valley. if carmageddon was happening, t.j., you would be seeing it, but this almost looks like an empty 405. this street is pretty empty and smooth sailing for a lot of the cars flowing behind me. we've seen a couple of buses, free buses and free train rides for the public during this shutdown. but those buses so far have been mpt as well. weefr seen a couple of early morning people coming out for coffee on bikes. that's another way local officials have been encouraging people to go around during this major shutdown. but still as kareen was mentioning, it's very early
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here, a lot of the businesses are closed, so a lot of people just waking up. we'll see how it goes the rest of the weekend. >> all right. that is an erie sight. los angeles seems to be abandoned right now. it does seem to be a movie. i guess everybody's heeding those warnings and staying home, possibly. we'll check in with you again, sandra endo. thanks so much. and our kareen wynter. we'll be seeing them and see if this continues to be the case throughout the morning. we're just five minutes past the hour now. let's turn to washington, d.c. a different kind of gridlock to talk about there. the debate over raising the debt ceiling. no face-to-face talks planned for this weekend between democrats and republicans, but judging from the words today of president obama and the republican senator orrin hatch, the stalemate is a long way from being over. >> i'm willing to compromise. i'm willing to do what it takes to solve this problem, even if it's not politically popular. and i expect leaders in congress to show that same willingness to compromise. >> washington has consistently demonstrated that it cannot control its urge to spend. that is why the only long-term
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solution is a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> all right. well, august 2nd. that's the day. we've already hit our debt limit, but they say august 2nd is the deadline. that's the day they won't be able to pay all of our bills anymore. so what happens if we get to august 2nd and there's no increase in the debt ceiling. what happens then? >> the united states does not default -- >> reporter: news conferences on the debt, meetings on the debt, more rhetoric, more meetings. ignore it all for a minute. let's simplify. if congress doesn't raise the debt limit by august 2nd, what happens? >> starting on august 3, the federal government will be far short of the amount of cash that it needs to pay all of its bill. >> reporter: that's jay powell. he oversaw the debt under the first president bush. he says if the u.s. hits the debt ceiling with no more borrowing, the u.s. will bring in maybe $172 billion in revenue in august.
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but it's committed to spend, oh, about $306 billion. so there'd be enough money to pay just 56% of government's bills. and then -- >> the decision on who gets paid is left up to secretary of the treasury, geithner. he can decide what gets paid and what gets not. >> reporter: nearly everyone expecting wall street, investors, would get paid first, and u.s. would not default. but then, it's tough. government could pay social security, medicare and unemployment benefits, but there'd be no money to pay the troops. or government could pay the troops but then couldn't afford unemployment benefits. and in both cases, there'd be no money for security or any other federal workers. now back to wall street. what would happen to the markets? interest rates likely would rise. how much? that is in dispute. >> it seems very likely that there would be significant
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disruptions in the market. >> i think that the stock, or the equity markets and the bond markets are going to be fine. >> reporter: now, that question of what happens if the u.s. hits the debt ceiling can be political. some conservatives like the one you just heard say it won't be that bad. but others including speaker boehner say this could spook the markets and possibly spark, in his words, a real catastrophe. t.j.? >> lisa, we always, for everything, we have a backup plan. you're always supposed to have a backup plan to back up your backup plan. so what's the backup plan if we do get past that date. do they have a plan? >> reporter: honestly, if there is a plan, it hasn't been made public. it's possible that treasury secretary geithner is already trying to prioritize what bills he would pay and in what order, but they're not making that public. so if they don't raise the debt ceiling, in truth, there's no backup plan that we know of. now, there is, in congress, a sort of backup plan to make sure they don't hit the debt ceiling,
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but even that, they have not really agreed on the details on yet. so this is a dark hour. most people don't expect us to hit the debt ceiling, but as we get closer and closer, everyone becomes perhaps justifiably more nervous. >> so we're getting close. surely everyone's talking 24 hours a day, right? >> you know, i think we know staff is working 24 hours a day, but, you know, the president said he wanted people to talk to both sides yesterday. truly, i think everyone had a day off. people needed to cool off. it feels right now on capitol hill, t.j., like people are taking a step back at least for this week, trying to see what plans would work, kabul together details. i think next week and maybe even the next week after that is when we're going to see that frantic, every minute people are working on this if we get that close. does that make any sense? >> yeah, all of this makes perfect sense. it's washington, d.c. the simplest place -- >> it's our government. it always make sense. >> the simplest stuff to understand. lisa, we appreciate you, as always. but she'll help you to further
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understand, because we've got the four plans on the table right now on and look for our debt debate cheat sheet. a lot more on the financial debate coming up this hour. clyde anderson breaking down what no deal would mean to you and also the places you shop. well, ten minutes past the hour now. let's turn to minnesota. the longest government shutdown ever in the u.s. could end within days. minnesota's democratic governor has agreed, reluctantly, to a budget deal with state republicans. governor mark dayton told them, "despite my serious reservations about your plan, i have concluded that continuing the state government shutdown would be even more destructive for too many minnesotans. therefore i am willing to agree to something i do not agree, your proposal, in order to spare our citizens and our state from further damage." the governor hopes to call lawmakers into special session on monday. they could possibly vote then.
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♪ run the world ♪ girls ♪ who runs the world? ♪ girls good morning, "atlantis." this is beyonce. sandy, doug, rex, you inspire all of us to live our dreams. >> reynolds, we'll do that for you one day on this show. >> you promise? >> have beyonce call in and say, good morning, reynolds, give us the forecast. >> dreams do come true. >> they do. what you just heard there, folks, they get wake-up calls on the shuttle every time there's a mission, but usually they play a song, a favorite song or whatever it may be, but they got the song from beyonce and a recorded message from beyonce saying good morning to the shuttle crew, the last space shuttle crew we're going to see ever. >> we've chatted about this a number of times this morning. it's been kind of a mystery to us as to why she would do it. firstly, i've heard great things about her, and it's very kind for her to take time. but she is from houston. and houston, nasa, a huge connection there. and a little bit of a side note, she was born in '81, the first
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shuttle launch was in 1981. so as long as she's been around, the shuttle was too. >> thank you for bringing -- not just a meteorologist. you're a journalist. that's journalism right there. reynolds, thank you. >> it's tripe. my head is filled with complete junk and that's little nuggets that fall out. >> that's some of the junk. no, not junk. but serious stuff talking about the weather today. >> we really do. we have a heat wave that is just going to get even more intense over the next couple of days over the upper midwest. we'll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes. and it's going to be serious business. also a few pop-up storms across the southeast and the midwest. so that also. >> see you in just a second, buddy. thank you so much. president obama's campaign workers are taking to the streets this weekend in what's being called a major day of action. we'll tell you what the event is all about. the interim atlanta school superintendent is moving quickly to snuff out that cheating scandal involving the educators, not the students, that were cheating, folks. it was the actual educators. it's 12 past the hour. stay with me on this cnn saturday morning.
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a quarter past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. and interim superintendent of the atlanta public school system not playing around with this cheating, especially not by the students, but by the teachers and administrators. he sent a letter to 178 educators allegedly involved in the huge teaching scandal, the largest this country has seen. and he is telling them, you've got two options. option one, you can resign. option two, i will fire you. errol davis has already fired four area superintendents and a principal. they are all accused of or have admitted to falsifying standardized test results. a state investigative report on this cheating scandal says the school system failed to protect
8:16 am
its own students. and this scandal dates back as far as 2001. teachers and principals were involved in a scheme to erase wrong test answers on an important standardized test. davis says the administrators either turned a blind eye to the cheating or should have known what was going on. the investigation blamed the schools for creating a climb of cheating and performance at all costs. davis says a culture of fear and intimidation has to change. now, this cheating scandal involved 44 schools. keith bromery is director of media relations for the school system. he says the school board is giving davis, the interim superintendent, an extended contract to fix the problem. >> he's also establishing mandatory annual ethics training for all employees that you have to go through, that will likely be an electronic course of which there is an assessment or a test at the end, just to reinforce the fact that he has said often that, yes, i expect my employees
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and i will set targets for them to achieve, but the repercussions will be a lot worse for people who fail to adhere to ethical standards than to beat targets. >> now, the teachers and administrators implicated in the scandal could also face criminal charges. all right. 16 minutes past the hour now. even if you don't work for the government, even if you don't get a social security check, the lack of a debt ceiling compromise could still impact you. we're going to let you know how you could be affected. clyde anderson, our financial analyst, will break this down for us next. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's symptoms. [ female announcer ] it cannot change the course of the disease. hospitalization and rarely death have been reported in patients who wore more than one patch at a time. the most common side effects of exelon patch are nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
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well, 19 minutes past the hour on this cnn saturday morning. no meetings going on at the white house this weekend between testimonies and republicans. but if congress does not get to talking and raising that debt limit, the country's bills will not be paid. what does that exactly mean to you, though? i talked to our financial analyst, clyde anderson, and he talked about the people who would be with affected immediately, like those who do receive social security checks, but that could also translate into an impact on all of us. >> people that receive checks may not get them in august. so that has a big trickle-down effect. because now they won't be able to pay their bills. you think about the economy we're in. we're thinking about potentially going into another recession. if they can't pay their bills, it will affect their credit, the interest rates they're already paying, and potentially more
8:21 am
fees. and it's going to hurt. >> the president already said. he said in an interview this week, i don't know if those checks, if we'll be able to send those checks out. another group we're talking about here. a couple of groups, government workers and unemployed. >> first with the government workers. we're talking about maybe a potentially 40% cut. this means a lot more furloughs. and keep in mind, we've already got employees that are furloughed right now. you're talking about, it could affect the military workers, any kind of government, federal government workers. we'll see cuts in rail systems, parks closing. different things. and we've been here before and seen this potentially happening. now we're really looking and facing that this could be real. >> you're mentioning the unemployed as well. a lot of people depending on that. >> and a lot of people, remember, they've added on. the federal government is now responsible for about another 26 weeks of unemployment for those that ran out of regular unemployment benefits from the state. so now those potentially could lose that. and what they give is a direct impact to the economy, because they're paying for things. you know, they're paying for things they need and also feeding into the economy. this is money we won't have
8:22 am
anymore feeding into the economy. >> that is the best point there. you're talking about a lot of people, millions of people, who don't have money. not just to pay their bills, but the unemployed use that money immediately and it goes right back into the economy. >> immediately. so we're depending on that money as well. so we won't see that if those checks are cut. so not to mention the repercussions that they're going to feel from not having those checks, but just the repercussions the economy's going to feel as well. >> last thing here. a lot of people concerned about interests and they have to pay more for -- will they be charged more for loans they have and what not. is that really a concern that those could really spike? >> it's something to look out for. depending on what happens in the next couple of weeks, we could see that spike. it could be in mortgage rates, in auto loan rates. anything you're potentially buying that you're going to pay interest on, it could increase it. and again, we're talking about that these dollars are so crucial right no to americans. so if we see any kind of increase, it could affect the bottom line. 22 minutes past the hour. a lot of you are getting ready,
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25 minutes past the hour now. wouldn't you take this deal? an apple ipad 2 for $69. of course you'd take that deal! was running that deal yesterday.
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but, oops, they said that was somebody's mistake. but it was a mistake long enough for other people to hear about it, so a lot of people jumped on and started buying ipad 2s for 69 bucks. we don't know how many actually ordered them. normally these things start at $699. but, yeah, $69, people even got krp confirmations saying, hey, thank you for your purchase, but sears says because it was a third party mistake, they are not honoring that incorrect price, so people were refunded for whatever price they put out. stay tuned next week, legal action is coming. well, when you travel these days, a lot of the information that you need can now be found on your phone. well, earlier i talked to a digital lifestyle expert, mario armstrong, a friend of our show here on the weekends, and he showed us some valuable apps for your trips starting with one that helps you find a wi-fi signal. >> you need that internet
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connectivity. but the thing is, you don't always want to have to pay exorbitant rates for it. so a great app you can check out, it's called freewi-fifinder. this will help you find paid as well as free wi-fi hot spots near you. if you're traveling and you're in an area you don't know and you want to be able to connect to the internet, if you had this free app, if you go around the corner here, there's a free wi-fi hot spot you could use to connect to the internet. >> here's another important one. you go to a new city, you don't know the area, don't know the neighborhood. maybe you're not talking to the locals about the spots to go. you can find your spot to relax. >> are you talking about, wait, relaxation for a happy hour relaxation? >> whatever you want to call it. >> well, there's one called happy hours. so you can find all the good deals and the discounts that are happening in an area you may be
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visiting. you're absolutely right, go to a place, don't know all the hangouts and all the local spots, but looking for the deals and discounts. you can do searches. you can say, i want a place that has live entertainment or looking for a rooftop bar or looking for outdoor seating. and all of that can be done from the power of your phone, which is really cool. >> so it's not all technically happy hour? >> no, but it's also of specials on there. so if you are looking for those two-for-one drinks, i know you like your mai tais -- >> i already know all the places, already. i don't need that haelp. last one, you need some help in catching your flight. that's a big deal. >> absolutely a big deal. a lot of apps out there, two of my quick favorites, one is called flight view. i like this one a lot. it helps you track flight changes and anticipate any emergencies or issues you might be dealing with. and also trip it. trip it is great, t.j., it's free, and it helps you bring all those itineraries. when we book flights these days, we're doing rental cars, hotels, things to do and attractions, and this can build one
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we're at the bottom of the hour on this cnn saturday morning. give you a look at some of the stories making headlines. and oh, yes, they're making headlines in los angeles right now. they are bracing for massive gridlock today, but, so far, so good. we're talking about a ten-mile stretch of the 405. the infamous 405. it has been shut down for the weekend. crews there are demolishing part of a bridge and adding a carpool lane. officials have urged residents, they've been putting this out for months, stay home this weekend. avoid getting stuck in standstill traffic. but so far the reports are, not a problem.
8:33 am
you're seeing this chaos in the streets of amman, jordan. riot police are going after demonstrators, sometimes kicking and beating them with sticks. officials say they were trying to separate two groups, one backing the government and the other calling for reform. protesters and journalists say police attacked them. and we're just getting word out of a town under attack in eastern syria. this town is on the border, there on the right-hand side of your screen, on the border with iraq. syria state television is reporting a police station, a mayor's home, and other government sites are under attack. armed men are said to be on the rooftops. we don't know who they are. we're working to get more information on this. it's something we'll pass on, but it's something we are monitoring. there's been a very public apology from rupert murdoch, the head of news corp. he's taken out full-page ads in seven british newspapers, all saying he's sorry about the phone hacking scandal that has engulfed his media empire.
8:34 am
yesterday he apologized in person to the parents of a murdered girl whose phone was allegedly hacked. well, so far, no debt talks planned for this weekend between president obama and congressional leaders. in his weekly address, the president stressed the need for balance in any deficit reduction deal, and he says both tax hikes on the wealthy and spending cuts on popular entitlement programs need to be considered. republicans, however, saying tax hikes are off the table. the u.s. must raise its debt level by august 2nd, you know, or risk defaulting on loans. a pretty big day on the campaign trail today. the presidential hopefuls spread out from iowa to alabama, but as cnn deputy political director paul steinhauser explains, the biggest turnout may actually be for the president. >> good morning, t.j. president barack obama's re-election campaign is taking to the streets today. campaign aides say they're launching what they call a major
8:35 am
day of action across the country to help register new voters to beef up their grassroots network of obama supporters. this week the president's re-election team announced some eye-popping fund-raising figures. the obama victory fund brought in $86 million the past three months with $47 million going to the re-election campaign and the rest to the democratic party. >> it is so great to be here in iowa! >> congresswoman michele bachmann of minnesota campaigns today in neighboring iowa, doing well in the state that holds the first contest in the race for the white house is crucial bachmann's hopes of winning the nomination. bachmann's not only candidate out on the trail this weekend. mitt romney's in new hampshire. the perceived front-runner is spending a lot of time and effort in the state that holds the first primary. the former massachusetts governor is far ahead of his republican rivals in the dash for campaign cash. so why do we spend so much time talking about money? well, you know, until voters actually started voting in the primaries and caucuses, public
8:36 am
opinion polls and fund-raiser figures are two of the best indicators of how a candidate's doing. t.j.? i want to turn now torn orlando, florida, where casey anthony is counting down the hours until her release. scheduled to go free tomorrow. head to our david mattingly outside the jail. david, she'll go free tomorrow. we just have no clue when. >> reporter: that's right, t.j. and there's been so much public anger expressed about the outcome of this case. that's not going to go away, for sure, even though casey anthony will soon be a free woman. so the authorities here at the orange county jail are making sure they can do everything they can to make sure she stays safe, as long as she is in their custody, on their property. they are not releasing any sort of details about when tomorrow she's getting out, about where she's going to be released. this is a sprawling facility you see behind me. at least a half dozen ways you can drive out of there. they're not saying where that might happen, when, or how she's
8:37 am
going to be the forwadeparting here. but they have made arrangements of a small group of news media, three journalists who actually embed inside the jail overnight. they're going to be in there. there's one video photographer, one still photographer, and one reporter. they're going to be there to observe and record casey anthony leaving this jail, probably for public record, to put down for sure that she has exit there had. but those journalists will not be able to communicate with anyone on the outside, as long as they're in there. jail officials want to make sure that casey anthony leaves here and has enough time to get safely away before they reveal that she has actually departed. at that point, the journalists will be able to come outside, share their material, and we may all find out after the fact that casey anthony has departed the jail and has become a free woman, t.j.. >> all right. one other thing here to you. after she leaves were her safety
8:38 am
is out of the hands of the authorities there, unless something specific happens. but do we have any idea what her plans are? where will she go? where will she live? where do you head? because quite frankly, she needs to hide. >> reporter: she is, without a doubt, the most talked about and most recognized figure in the state of florida and probably beyond, possibly all across the country right now. she will not be able to go anywhere where someone will not be able to look at her and know who she is in public. there's been a great deal of discussion about she's going to be needing to lay low for a while. she's going to have to find some place where she can quietly sit down, plot her next move, and of course, address all the civil suits that are now piling up against her, t.j.. >> david mattingly, as always, we appreciate you in orlando. thanks so much. 38 minutes past the hour now. we've got some real-life superheroes. they don't have superpower, but
8:39 am
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[oinking] [hissing] [ding] announcer: cook foods to the right temperature using a food thermometer. 3,000 americans will die from food poisoning this year. check your steps at all right, at 41 minutes past the hour, we've got severe weather to tell you about. and reynolds, we're not talking storms this kind of, we're
8:42 am
talking about the kind of stuff you can't see. >> you're right. when people think about severe weather, they do think about the thunder, the lightning, the hurricanes, the tornadoes, the flooding. they don't think of that heat. but heat is a huge potential for many people and it will be across parts of the upper midwest, northern plains today. it is going to be absolutely brutal. we're talking about temperatures that will be into the 90s, both the high humidity is going to feel much warmer. in fact, in places like the twin cities, it will feel like it's into the 100s. that's going to last for while. take a look at this map. it will illustrate that heat wave, really beginning to intensify as we get into sunday. it will feel like 111 in minneapolis, 108 in kansas city, 103 in oklahoma city. triple digits also in dallas. as we fast forward into monday, that heat will remain locked in place. even going up to 116 in minneapolis. into tuesday, the same story, triple-digit heat for a lot of places. but there's one thing that will cool us down a bit. we've got the possibility of precipitation along parts of the gulf coast. in fact, computer models
8:43 am
indicate that we could see some places up to 4, maybe even 5 inches of rainfall along parts of the florida gulf coast and even into portions of alabama. in fact, that precipitation is falling as we speak. as we zoom in on a few key spots, especially in south georgia, you can see the rain come again. a few embedded thunderstorms right along parts of i-75 and i-10 as we go back a little bit more to the west in texas and into louisiana. some intense thunderstorms north of i-10 at this hour from league city to conroe. if you're tuning in from spring, texas, right along parts of 45, the rain isn't there yet, but everything is sweeping in from the gulf of mexico mexico and that's going to give you a good source of moisture. and with the little unstable atmosphere, you might have some strong storms developing. also a chance of strong storms developing on the northern plains. that's due to the frontal boundary that you have that's basically pushing from west to east, and that's from that moisture pushing in from the gulf. but the biggest story, the biggest threat will be that heat as we wrap things up. your surface temperature, 93 in minneapolis. with the humidity, it will feel as if it's into the triple
8:44 am
digits. 100 in dallas, 101 in el paso. 84 in boston. 88 in washington. and 75 in atlanta. t.j., atlanta, 75. got to love it. >> that's a good thing. >> it's been so warm the last couple of days. >> i might have to get out today. >> i'm with you. >> reynold wis, appreciate it. we've got some superheroes to talk about now. i talked to the founding members of this group earlier. listen now to the keystone crusaders. >> the point of the keystone crusaders is pretty much to inspire goodness out of others by going around and doing good things, like picking up garbage, giving food and water out to the homeless, random acts of kindness and helping anyone out in any way they need it. >> now, you talk about picking up garbage, handing out food and water, and sometimes this
8:45 am
includes maybe just dropping some money into a parking meter of somebody's whose parking meter has expired? >> oh, yes, of course. he always carrying around a big roll of quarter. if we can save somebody a $15 ticket with a quarter, then that's a very good thing we can do. that could have been their rent money or their food money for that week. >> now, commonwealth, you all could have done this by just walking around the streets and doing it in plain clothes. now, what's with the superhero getup? why go that route? >> well, the superhero idea really comes about because when a person sees a superhero, they see more than a person, they see an idea, they see something that might inspire them to in the future go out and do something good themselves. not necessarily in a superhero costume, but just to be good people. people see spider-man and they know that's initially good. so the idea of being a superhero is that we can inspire goodness in others.
8:46 am
>> now, armistice, i have to say to all our viewers, you all take this quite seriously, at least the part about keeping your identity hidden. there is no way i could get you to lift up that mask this morning, is there? >> no way. and it's not that we feel any real need to, it's more on principle. because if you see someone that you don't know who they are doing this, it could be anyone. and if it could be anyone, then there's no reason why it couldn't be you. >> believe me. one day i'd love to retire the helmet and the cape, but as long as the city need us. as long as the people feel like they need someone out there to help them, that's how long we want to keep going. as i say, until our legs give out. this is just something that well, our city of harrisburg needs, and just the people itself. i mean, they need it. you can just see it in their faces. from when we began until now, their attitudes have completely changed. >> are you recruiting?
8:47 am
>> anyone who really wants to help out. vigil here has only been out with us twice now. she's the latest person to join. there's some more people getting ready, but anyone who wants to join us, why not? >> i had my own personal superheroes. people in my life that just gave very generously without asking anything in return. you know, while they didn't wear costumes, they were just genuinely good people. and they were like part of the inspiration for this. you know, their a lot of generosity. for no reason at all. they gained no benefit from helping me, but you know through their help, i was able to get out of what i was in and find myself, you know, now i'm a superhero. >> and we still don't even know their identities. they didn't even tell us and our correspondents with them. getting close to the top of the hour. a lot of people exercise every day, want to stay healthy. but what if all that running and sweating could help power a whole building?
8:48 am
yes, it could. stay with me on this cnn saturday morning. 7 [ female announcer ] now, give dry, damaged hair a whole new life! with aveeno nourish plus moisturize. active naturals wheat formulas target and help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] nourish plus. only from aveeno.
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ten minutes at the top of the hour now. the university of philadelphia, they have actually found a new way of generating general
8:51 am
electricity. they're saying the more you exercise, the more power you get. sandra howe breaks this one down for us. >> reporter: they are turning sweat into energy here. >> we are taking the energy that is created when people work out, the heat that they emit, that the machines emit and converting that into electricity. >> we pride ourselves in giving back to the environment, to the community of philadelphia. being able to turn all this sweat that i produce into energy is definitely a positive benefit and a a motivating factor. >> reporter: just how are they doing it? it's easy. with the help of rerev technology and just a few steps on an elliptical machine, let there be light. the science is simple. working out on the machines creates kinetic surgery. and that energy is converted into a kind of energy that can be used later on to say, power
8:52 am
the entire building. as for now, drexler -- drexel university is keeping it simple. >> we're powering a sign that says, i am a dragon. that's our slogan here at drexel. 20 years from now, we're going to power this building. >> why not try something to help make this community and world a better place? i'm a part of it. i'm very excited and it makes me want to work out more. >> it's real-life energy. and it can be harnessed. >> reporter: sarah hoye, cnn, philadelphia. okay, folks, fredricka whitfield is fired up this morning. she's got the good energy -- >> we have a great day ahead, right? >> it has been a good morning. >> even if you're in the southern california area and you're in l.a. and worried about the whole carmageddon thing -- >> did you see the streets. it looked like everybody decided
8:53 am
to stay off the streets. >> but it's early. folks have their day planned, as do we. there it is right there. >> this is a live picture for us? wow. >> great construction taking place on mulholland bridge. we're keeping an eye on it all morning long. our legal guys, we always love avery and richard. you suspect your spouse is cheating. >> don't do this to me this morning. >> i won't do that because i love marley. someone else, that might be happening. is it okay if you put a gps, hire a private investigator and they use a gps to track that person? >> so you put it on your spouse, in the car, in the purse -- can you do that? >> well, avery and richard are going to weigh in on whether that is okay because it's a legal case right now.
8:54 am
i know, gets you thinking. >> not about your own personal scenario but if it's happening out there. can you then not be held responsible for whatever you did while someone illegally tracked you? >> maybe i'll ask that question to our legal guys. i'll add that question to my list. and then our financial fix today. karen lee will be along to help you save money at home, everything from your utility bills to food, if you eat out a lot, maybe there are ways in which to trim your expenses. all that stuff. she helps us with some nice, practical advice on how to save better and spend less, manage your money overall better. and then the beatles, people they they'd seen everything, every image there is to see about the beatles. >> there's more? >> there's more. there was a photographer, he was only 18 at the time when he took these pictures, amateur photographer. now these images are at your disposal. you can buy any one of these
8:55 am
images at christie's for the right price. >> what is the right price? >> some start at $1,500. >> that's not so bad. >> but that's not going to be the bid that wins the photo. you've seen it at christie's and sotheby's, things can go into the millions. anyway, bottom line, we're going to have the photographer with us to talk about that experience. he's in his 60s now. he was 18 at the time he took the pictures. >> was he working as a photographer -- >> no. he was interested in photography but he took it for his own personal use and then, bam, many years later, he's got this wonderful treasure trove of images. he's going to join ut. that's why i'm fired up. are you coming down now? >> no. i'm fired up. ready to stay here and anchor the rest of the afternoon with you. >> well, join me. >> i joke, i kid. [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it.
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8:59 am
through l.a., the infamous 405. it's closed this weekend in order to demolish a bridge there. many are calling this projected traffic jam carmageddon. it's supposed to be that bad. but we can tell you, so far, so good. in kentucky, a woman in court on a domestic violence charge didn't like the judge's ruling. look at what she tried to do. went after the judge. usually not a good route to go. the judge gave her 120 days in jail. that might have been lucky on her part there. scorching heat from texas to the dakotas will last through the weekend. moving into the northeast. heat index of 110 or higher expected in some places like oklahoma city and omaha. could heat 116, the heat index in minneapolis next week. the white house hosting the dalai lama today over china's objection. meeting privately with president obama. china accuses the spiritual


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